Diamonte Bracelet

This bracelet was given to my customer by her friend many years ago. She wore it for many years until it broke one day. She had to spring clean her house to find one of the beads which she did. She was very pleased when I fixed it for her and she has been wearing it everyday since.

Hematite Necklace and White Beads

I received both of these necklaces from a lady customer. The white beads necklace was gifted to her by a friend and the hematite necklace was given to her by her husband. 

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A son's Gift

This necklace was given to my customer by her son. She had been making excuses for not wearing it because she could not tell her son that it had broken. She was so pleased when I fixed it, she agreed to my usual fee for repairing that is, a piece of cake. Not just did I enjoy her yummy banana loaf cake, it was a lovely moment when I could clearly see how sentimental she was about this jewellery. (I restrung another necklace for the same lady given by her other son and pearl necklace from her husband. More cake :)

1950's necklace

I have been told this necklace is from 1950's. I took close up pictures of every single beads to ensure when I put them back together, the beads are in their original order. 


I received this pair through a friend for repairing. Although I try to hide string knots in my pieces, I liked the way it looked in this pair. So, I kept its design just like it was originally. The earring is made out of freshwater potato pearls. and sterling silver findings.


My favourite part of jewellery making is repairing. There is always a story behind  a piece because of which my customers has been keeping a hold of the broken strings and beads. I find it amazing that some jeweller made them all those years ago and I get to remake them one more time. 


challenge NeckLace

This necklace seemed like a challenge. Therefore, the customer let me have this to figure out how to fix and to worry if I couldn't. After a lot of thought, I unstrung some layers and wrote down the steps. It was a simple formula.